Monthly Archives: February 2018

Keeping up with the Big Bear Bald Eagles

It was a joyous winter for two Bald Eagle parents in the San Bernardino National Forest as they welcomed two new chicks in early February. Thousands of viewers tuned in to the YouTube livestream provided by The Friends of Big Bear Valley and watched the little feathered balls enter the world for the first time.

According to the livestream video description link, the two eggs were laid in early January 2018. A little after a month, two new chicks hatched on February 11 and 12.

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Endangered Spotlight: Giant Panda

Giant panda / Ailuropoda melanoleuca
Current conservation status: Vulnerable
Population (as of 2015): About 1,860

Jeff Kubina / Wikimedia Commons

The giant panda has been treasured as a national symbol of China for many years. Many of our bags are named after this cuddly bear including our Panda Backpack, EcoZoo Deluxe Panda, Panda Playpack and Brite Buddies Panda Backpack.

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