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Eco-friendly Summer Tips

Rejoice because today is the first day of summer! It’s finally to wear sundresses and shorts, and just enjoy the warm weather. Some of you may be planning for their long-awaited summer vacation or just spending time families and friends. However, summer can also be unbearable to some people who can’t stand the humidity and heat. Here are some eco-friendly tips to make your summer enjoyable for both you and the environment!

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Bags for Dads

This weekend is Father’ Day and hopefully you all have thought about the perfect gifts for your dads. EcoGear backpacks are super versatile and can be carried wherever you go. Whether that is to an amusement park or just a quick day trip, there is a backpack for you (and your dad).

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EcoGear Travels – Royal Gorge Trail

Our friend, Jared, explored Royal Gorge Trail in Canon City, Colorado with our Snow Leopard 40L Hiking Backpack. Check out the video above to go along on the journey with him!

Canon City is located about 115 miles south of Denver and is well-known for its beautiful natural scenery. Royal Gorge Trail is the perfect trail for hiking beginners and experts, or just anyone who wants to enjoy a breathtaking view.

With our spacious 40L Snow Leopard backpack, hikers can bring all of their necessities to ensure their hike is one to remember. The main compartment includes a sleeve to hold a hydration bladder, so you can stay hydrated on-the-go.

Here’s are some of Jared’s memories from his time in Royal Gorge Trail:

Waking up in Red Canyon Park, Utah to a blanket of fresh snow was initially not a welcomed surprise. Laura and I were planning to go rock climbing that morning, but those hopes were immediately dashed as we crawled out of our campsite. However, trying to take advantage of the spring snow, we drove up the highway to the Royal Gorge area. Known for their huge bridge and incredible landscapes, we hiked along the canyon rim through the snow hoping for some good views. We were not disappointed. As the canyon came into view, a train was chugging along next to the river, with the soft snowflakes falling all around. After a short (and cold) stop for a snack, we headed back out to find the elusive sunshine.

Endangered Spotlight: Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep/ Ovis canadensis 
Current conservation status: Least concern (previously Endangered)
Population: 15,500-15,700

Jean Beaufort /

The bighorn sheep was once endangered, but conservation efforts have brought them back to a stable population. Just as rugged and tough as the sheep, our Bighorn II and Bighorn 17 backpacks are built to last.

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Greening your Easter

Happy Good Friday! Easter is almost upon us, and kids will enjoy a day with family while hunting for those hidden Easter eggs and other fun activities. As with any holiday, there are ways to reduce the environmental impact some products can have on the planet. In preparation for the exciting day, here are 5 tips to make your Easter Sunday a bit greener than the last. Continue reading