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Endangered Spotlight: Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep/ Ovis canadensis 
Current conservation status: Least concern (previously Endangered)
Population: 15,500-15,700

Jean Beaufort /

The bighorn sheep was once endangered, but conservation efforts have brought them back to a stable population. Just as rugged and tough as the sheep, our Bighorn II and Bighorn 17 backpacks are built to last.

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Endangered Spotlight: Ili Pika

Ili Pika / Ochotona iliensis
Current conservation status: Endangered
Population: Estimated 2,000 in early 1990s

Jacob W. Frank / Wikimedia Commons

Note: Because of copyright, the photos used in the post are of the related Collared Pika and not of the Ili Pika that is discussed. A photo available in in the article linked down below.

Never heard of the pika? It’s probably because this cute but rare Ili pika has only been spotted in the wild a few times (both times by the same person!). We wanted to celebrate this endangered small mammal with our modern Pika Backpack.

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Endangered Spotlight: Giant Panda

Giant panda / Ailuropoda melanoleuca
Current conservation status: Vulnerable
Population (as of 2015): About 1,860

Jeff Kubina / Wikimedia Commons

The giant panda has been treasured as a national symbol of China for many years. Many of our bags are named after this cuddly bear including our Panda Backpack, EcoZoo Deluxe Panda, Panda Playpack and Brite Buddies Panda Backpack.

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Endangered Spotlight: Black Rhinoceros

Black rhinoceros / Diceros bicornis
Current conservation status: Critically endangered
Population (as of 2015): 5,000-5,500

Yoky / Wikimedia Commons

Our bags are named after endangered animals to bring attention to their struggles. The Black Rhino Laptop Bag was named after the resilient animal that was once hunted to the brink of extinction but has been making a steady recovery.

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