Packing for Musical Festivals with EcoGear

Ready to go out to see your favorite musicians perform? Music festival season has returned, and fans are preparing for nights full of great entertainment and company. If you have ever been to one of these festivals, you would know that most venues are strict about what can be brought into the concert. One good example is the size restriction on bags and purses. This may seem like an inconvenience for some, but think about it: would you want a heavy backpack to weigh down your night?

Hip packs (also known as fanny packs for some) have become a music festival staple! Not only do they fit snugly around your waist and keep your items close to you, but they also have plenty of room for your essentials. As such, EcoGear’s Skipper Hip Pack is a great accessory for next music festival.

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10 Best Hiking Spots in the United States

Hiking is one of the best ways to escape from civilization for a while and just explore. Especially if you love the serene feeling of nature, finding a perfect hiking destination is a must. Whether you’re already planning your next hiking trip or just want to scope out some locations for the future, here are 10 breathtaking hiking spots in the United States (in no particular order because they’re all great!)

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Endangered Spotlight: Ili Pika

Ili Pika / Ochotona iliensis
Current conservation status: Endangered
Population: Estimated 2,000 in early 1990s

Jacob W. Frank / Wikimedia Commons

Note: Because of copyright, the photos used in the post are of the related Collared Pika and not of the Ili Pika that is discussed. A photo available in in the article linked down below.

Never heard of the pika? It’s probably because this cute but rare Ili pika has only been spotted in the wild a few times (both times by the same person!). We wanted to celebrate this endangered small mammal with our modern Pika Backpack.

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Keeping up with the Big Bear Bald Eagles

It was a joyous winter for two Bald Eagle parents in the San Bernardino National Forest as they welcomed two new chicks in early February. Thousands of viewers tuned in to the YouTube livestream provided by The Friends of Big Bear Valley and watched the little feathered balls enter the world for the first time.

According to the livestream video description link, the two eggs were laid in early January 2018. A little after a month, two new chicks hatched on February 11 and 12.

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Endangered Spotlight: Giant Panda

Giant panda / Ailuropoda melanoleuca
Current conservation status: Vulnerable
Population (as of 2015): About 1,860

Jeff Kubina / Wikimedia Commons

The giant panda has been treasured as a national symbol of China for many years. Many of our bags are named after this cuddly bear including our Panda Backpack, EcoZoo Deluxe Panda, Panda Playpack and Brite Buddies Panda Backpack.

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From Duffel to Mini Closet – New EcoGear Wheeled Duffel

Our new 28-inch wheeled duffel bag is perfect for those who love to travel and be out on the road!

This innovative duffel includes an extendable garment rack that sets up in seconds to create a mini closet to keep clothes wrinkle-free, accessible and organized.


• Drop bottom compartment for additional storage
• Extendable garment rack with maximum load of 20 lbs
• Collapsible design for easy storage
• Telescoping handle and skate wheels for convenient transport
• Reflective piping
• Clear pocket for personalized ID


Size: 28.5″ x 15″ x 14.5″
Weight: 11.40 Lbs.
Material: Ripstop polyester top, EVA bottom

The wheeled duffel is now available for purchase for $149.