How to Care for Your Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are great tools for any outdoor trip – you can carry all of your essentials and make sure you stay nice and hydrated. With care and maintenance, your hydration pack can be the best hiking companion for years to come. It is important to follow steps to clean your pack to make sure nothing gross like mold or mildew form.


Make it a habit to clean your hydration bladder after every use

Bacteria and other particles can make their way into your hydration bladder, so it’s a good habit to clean and dry it after every use. Good steps to follow include:

  • Rinsing the inside and outside of your water bladder with warm water
  • Using mild dish soap or baking soda to wash
  • Using a pipe brush to reach places you can’t see
  • Removing the hose and bite valve to clean and dry separately
  • Leaving your pack upside down to air dry on a drying rack

Completely dry out your hydration pack before storing

Be sure to disassemble your entire hydration pack so each piece can dry completely and thoroughly. It’s a good idea to leave the pack upside down so any leftover moisture can find its way out. Leave it to dry for as long as possible to ensure no moisture is left.

Store your hydration pack in the freezer when not in use

Not going to use your hydration pack for a while? Roll up your hydration pack and keep it together with a rubber band. Putting it in the freezer will help any unwanted bacteria from growing while you’re not using your bladder.