How to Pack for a Hike with Ecogear

Our hiking backpacks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your traveling necessities! Need to pack for one night or a whole week? We got a bag for that. However, you maybe wonder how much exactly can a 40L backpack hold? We’ll show you just how much one of our bags can hold.


EcoGear Snow Leopard 40L Backpack

When you want to pack enough for your trip but want to stay lightweight, the 40L Snow Leopard is the bag for you. With ample space and compartments for all of your traveling needs, you’ll be sure to have everything you need. We created a video to show how much this hefty backpack.

EcoGear Pinnacle 65L Backpack 

Our 65L Pinnacle Backpack is one of the largest sizes we offer (the other being the 80L Pinnacle). With a large main compartment and accessible side pockets, you can make sure your trip is well prepared. Check out video demonstration to see what we packed for a hiking trip!