Packing for Musical Festivals with Ecogear

Ready to go out to see your favorite musicians perform? Music festival season has returned, and fans are preparing for nights full of great entertainment and company. If you have ever been to one of these festivals, you would know that most venues are strict about what can be brought into the concert. One good example is the size restriction on bags and purses. This may seem like an inconvenience for some, but think about it: would you want a heavy backpack to weigh down your night?

Hip packs (also known as fanny packs for some) have become a music festival staple! Not only do they fit snugly around your waist and keep your items close to you, but they also have plenty of room for your essentials. As such, EcoGear’s Skipper Hip Pack is a great accessory for next music festival.


EcoGear Skipper Hip Pack

With a large compartment, a mini front pocket and a secure back pocket, the Skipper Hip Pack is perfect for those who want lots of storage options and easy access to their items at any time.

Just what can you pack in the Skipper Hip Pack? Check out our video above!