Did you know more than 30 million plastic water bottles fill up our landfills every year? Unfortunately, they’re not really biodegradable either – it can take at least 450 years for a single bottle to completely decompose. However, what if we were able to take those bottles and create something more, say, an Ecogear Backpack perhaps?

What is REPREVE?

REPREVE is a brand of fiber that is made from recycled materials including used plastic bottles. Because they don’t need to create new resources, this cuts harmful elements such as petroleum and greenhouse gases out of the manufacturing process.

How do they do it?

Most plastic water bottles are made of polyester called PET or polyethylene terephthalate. The bottles are broken down into plastic flakes which are then converted into usable fiber for many different products.




Making a difference

REPREVE has since reclaimed more than 15 billion plastic water bottles. This has helped save many resources that are essential to life:

  • 385M gallons of gasoline
  • One year of drinking water for 1.7M people
  • 133K acres of forest

Creating better products for all

Many companies use REPREVE materials to make more sustainable products that are environmentally friendly. From clothes to backpacks, REPREVE has transformed plastic water bottles into different products for all:

  • 7 bottles for a pair of khakis
  • 5 bottles for a t-shirt
  • 42 bottles for car seats

At EcoGear, we are always looking to find ways to make our backpacks more eco-friendly, which is why our bags are made from REPREVE material.